Rebooting — back to basics

Rebooting All posts deleted.

If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you might know that I logged out of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp everywhere. I haven’t deleted my accounts yet, but I expect I will soon.

It’s a funny thing — when I logged out, I thought I’d miss the addictive (but low-value) newsfeed most. I don’t share much. I’m really just there to see what my wife posts while I’m away for work. Of course it’s nice staying up to date on what my friends are doing, but now I do that by gasp talking to them using the ancient communication mechanism (telephone) that Apple hasn’t yet removed from my Pocket Supercomputer.

That said, I still feel a compulsion to document and share important moments with my family and friends. Here goes nothing.

Frank Tisellano @ft